Have you ever had this thought...

“I’ll never get good at [insert thing here]

I know I have.

This thought is vicious. And it has one goal…

To crush you into disbelief that you’ll never be “good enough” at something.

And if you’ve experienced this, then I want to share a simple approach you can use today to keep this thought at bay when it rears its ugly head.

You see over the weekend, I found myself thinking “I’ll never get good at this.” 

I’m trying to improve at various skills and the results I want seem a loooong way off.

Removing this thought completely is difficult, but not impossible. And one way you can control it is to understand what this thought is telling you.

It’s telling you that you have ambition. That you’re the kind of person who wants to achieve something. It’s a window into your mind that you recognise you’re not where you want to be.

You can see the gap between where you are now… and where you want to be. And that gap never feels fun.

So how do you stop this beast in its tracks?

By beating it at its own game.

This thought wants you to see the gap. It wants you to take your eye off of what’s important…

Once you understand what this thought is trying to do (...and the crucial thought to replace it with...) you can start beating it at it’s own game.

Next time this thought rears its ugly head…

Stare that beast straight in the face and remind it what’s important.

Focus on the simple actions steps you can take today.

Start closing your gap between where you are and where you want to be.

If you'd like more help with how to focus more on your guitar practice and improve step by step...

Check out Darryl's video below:

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