Want a guitar with five necks? Well, it already exists!

Does a guitar get more custom than this?

This was a guitar with five separate necks on one guitar body. 

With 72 strings divided into a twelve-string, a fretless, a standard and a whammy neck.

 You can imagine tuning such an instrument might take a good while!!

Who created such a monstrosity of a guitar? 

Rick Nielsen scribbled the idea down and got Hamer manufacturers to create his Quin Neck Guitar. 

Quint neck guitar by rick nielsen

Created back in 1981, such an instrument was born from the desire of Rick Nielsen wanting to play multiple guitars in a song.

Before the hammer quintuple neck guitar, he would strap five guitars on his neck and play each as he removed them.

Rick was creative enough to even imagine a revolving six neck guitar, but decided to stick to something a bit more simple for now... only five necks. 

If you had to design your own wacky guitar, what would you do?

If you have a five neck guitar.... I wouldn't know how to teach you how to play all five necks effectively! But we are real good at playing with just the one, or maybe at a push... two. 

There are lots of other musicians who also have great stories about their guitars like Brian May's Red Guitar.

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