The Domino Effect can be pretty powerful. 

Have you ever seen those videos where a small domino falls into a bigger domino? Then that bigger domino falls into an even bigger domino? And so on… until a huge domino comes crashing down...

It’s pretty amazing how such a tiny action can create such a BIG result. 

“The Domino Effect” - How to Improve Faster with Less Stress and Practise Less

But how does this apply to YOU and your practising?

Over the years I’ve noticed a trend among musicians…

People tend to put all their energy and focus into worrying about how they can knock over the big dominos in their playing. 

Things like…

  • “I can’t play my song/solo how I want yet!”

  • “I need to learn all my scales to solo better!”

  • “My fingers still don’t do what I want!”

When I’m reality, many of the BIG results you’ll see come from knocking down tiny little dominos.

And what’s nice about this is that these little dominos are easier to practise. They help you to become (and stay) more motivated to play. And they take hardly any time at all (5 minutes each day at most.)

I’m talking about the little actions you can take that won’t make you better today… 

… but will bring you gratifying results In 3-6 months. 

It’s hard to say exactly what those are for you. They’re different for each individual…

No matter what they are, these tiny dominos all share a common theme…

They’re all tasks that have no outcome. Meaning they’re not based around speed. Or memorising things. 

They’re tiny habit building tasks. Focusing on doing a particular technique in a certain way. Quizzing yourself on how much you know today. Writing down a scale on paper before you play. Etc… 

Our job at the school is to help you find these little dominos for you to knock down. 

“The Domino Effect” - How to Improve Faster with Less Stress and Practise Less

If you’re not sure what those are for you, ask at the end of every lesson. 

A lot can change in 3-6 months. A whole lot more can change when you choose to focus on knocking down the tiny dominos. Allowing the big ones to knock themselves down. 

So what I’m trying to say is… 

Let’s knock down some dominos together!

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