Daily practice is critical to your success as a guitar player. Here is why you need to make guitar playing part of your daily routine to see success with the instrument.

It Takes Time to Learn

You will not go far on the guitar if you don’t practice. One of the common complaints that many guitar teachers have is that their students don’t practice enough. You should dedicate 20-30 mins around 4-5 times per week and stick to that schedule. Once you make it part of your routine, it’s easier to get in quality practice sessions. Try to work it around your other daily activities such as work or school.

Learning to play the guitar

Helps with Memorization

If you don’t practice often, you will forget the material that you previously learned. You should work on songs, chords, scales, and other materials that your guitar teacher gives you on a consistent basis. You need a lot of repetition to ingrain the material into your brain and muscle memory. The more you practice, the easier you will retain the knowledge that you have already learned.

The Importance of Daily Guitar Practice

Song Review

By practicing on a consistent basis, you’ll grasp songs at a faster rate. You need to review old songs as much as you need to learn newer ones. Make song practice a large part of your practice sessions as it will help you grow as a player if you review your songs often. You want to develop a large repertoire of songs that you can play fluidly, so practice them often.

Scales and Chords

You need to practice often to master your scales and chords. If you practice, inconsistently, you won’t master these important concepts. Make sure you devote a portion of your practice time to your scales and chords. The more you play them, the better off you’ll be.

Prepared for the Next Lesson

By going over the material you learned in your previous lessons, you’ll be ready for the next lesson. It’s difficult for your teacher to show you new concepts if you haven’t mastered the material already given to you. By practicing on a regular basis, you’ll progress through the lesson materials at a faster pace and be ready for the newer concepts your teacher gives you.

Helps You Overcome Problems Areas

Some aspects of guitar playing, such as barre chords are hard to master. If you dedicate a lot of practice time to areas that you have difficulty in, it’s easier to overcome the area of difficulty. For example, barre chords are a major stumbling block for a lot of new guitar players, and they require a lot of dedicated practice to master. You will never learn these chords if you’re not practicing them on a consistent basis.

Make a note of the areas that you have a problem with and work through these issues. Dedicate a few minutes at each practice session to work on the areas that you’re weak in.


Better Hand and Finger Strength

One of the other main reasons to practice often is that you’ll develop a better finger and hand strength. This allows you to do more on the instrument. Your fingers will develop the calluses necessary for longer practice sessions or for playing live.

If you neglect your sessions, you will have difficulty developing your calluses, and if you go for a long duration without picking up your guitar, you will need to develop the calluses all over again, which can be frustrating.

The Importance of Daily Guitar Practice

Avoid Over Practicing

It’s important to practice your guitar often, but you can over practice as well. Do not make the mistake of practicing for endless hours at a time. This can have the opposite effect that you intended it to have. You may injure yourself and have a setback where you can’t play for months.

If you are new to guitar playing, your fingers need rest between sessions. If you push yourself too much, you can get finger strains and muscle pulls, which take a long time to heal.

You should practice around 30 mins or perhaps an hour. If you play longer than that, make sure you take adequate rest breaks to give your fingers time to relax so you don’t get a repetitive stress injury.


Aim to practice guitar 4-5 times per week. Make each session around 30 mins. The more you practice, the faster you will get better on the instrument. Practice hard but avoid over practicing as you don’t want to develop a repetitive stress injury, which will set you back a long time.

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