There’s a little-known “practicing principle” I live by to make sure I get the most out of my practice time.

And to make sure that I’m actually improving during practice (and not noodling.)

Whether that's learning chords for a song... a new solo... or improvising...

Here’s the principle...

“Your practice time is sacred.”

Let me explain what that means…

And why you might be haemorrhaging practice time by making this one simple mistake...

I used to have more time to practice than I do right now. If you don’t know I have a business to look after… a wife… and a gorgeous baby boy...

So you can imagine how much time I have to sit and practice these days.

When NEVER to plan your guitar practice...

That said, I make the most out of the time by avoiding the one mistake I hinted at earlier.

How do I do that?..

I NEVER plan my practice during my practice.

I see so many guitar players and students who plan what they’re going to practice when they sit down to practice.

(This is especially damaging if you have limited practice time.)

You do NOT want to be wasting time planning what to do when you’re trying to practice.

When you’re planning you’re not improving.

So a simple way to improve faster on the guitar is to decide what you’re going to practice AHEAD of time.

You can do this in your downtime during your day. While you’re brushing your teeth, showering, cooking food, during advert breaks on TV, etc…

When NEVER to plan your guitar practice...

Any other time is better than during your practice time.

This might seem trivial but it makes a huge difference over time.

Imagine how much more you'd improve by taking 5 minutes of planning time and turning it into practice time.

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