Being a perfectionist can be great. 

It’s very satisfying to know things are done the right way exactly how YOU want.

However, it can also act like a ball and chain to your guitar playing progress. Slowing you down and holding you back.

I’ve been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember… 

… But over the last year I’ve slowly realised just how deadly this little part of my brain really is. And how much it’s holding me back.

Here’s 3 reasons why being a perfectionist is hurting my guitar playing.

1. “Good Is Good Enough”

Nothing is ever perfect.

That might be hard for you to hear right now. It took me a LONG time to accept this. I’ve learned that if it takes one hour to get something 80% done (...the “good is good enough” range…)

It takes the same amount of time again to do the last 20% (...getting something exactly the way I like it.)

There’s only so much time I have each day. And now that I have a little boy to look after, time is precious to me…

More precious than completing the last 20% of something.

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2. I Feel Happier

Here’s something interesting about perfection…

Until it’s done EXACTLY the way you want… in the order YOU want it done…

You’ll never be completely satisfied.

I’m not trying to pass judgment here. I’ve done it, and I still do. The more I’m able to let go of things being done a certain way, in a certain order… the happier I’ve noticed myself becoming.

That’s because I don’t need to meet my insanely high expectations in order to feel like I’ve accomplished something.

On the guitar, this is the difference between learning a song with the exact strumming pattern…

Or something that’s in the ballpark and still feels like the song.

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3. I’m Able To Solve Problems Faster

One problem of being a perfectionist is that I need to have the “right” solution to something before I begin.

I’ve noticed that the more I allow myself to let go and get started… I can solve the same problems on the go…

Only with A LOT less time. And sometimes the problems I was worried about never even showed up. This means I’m actually practising less because I’m diving in head first and sorting things out as I go.

So there you have it. Three reasons why being a perfectionist is hurting my guitar playing...

Maybe you can relate to some of these? 

If not, then awesome! I thought I’d share something that I’m doing, in hope to inspire someone else to make important changes for them.

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