Ever had an “off-day” when practicing guitar?

I know I have...

It feels horrible... like your hard work and effort vanishes in a flash.

In these moments everything feels slow and sluggish. It’s almost like my hands are drunk...

It can be enough to make you want to smash the guitar against a wall.

(I actually almost did that one day.)

So what do you do when practicing guitar feels like an uphill battle?

Definitely don’t smash your guitar against a wall 🙂

Here’s three time-tested alternatives that work great…

1- Have a break

Stepping away from the guitar can be the best thing you do.

Go and do something else and then come back to the guitar when you feel ready.

3 Time-Tested Ways to Lower Stress When Practicing

2- The "four second rule" for breathing

This is a simple one. It comes from meditation...

Breathing in for four seconds... and then out for four seconds signals to your brain that everything is okay. That you’re safe.

It calms your brain and your body so you can relax.

3- Do something fun

Sometimes doing something fun on the guitar can be a great break from a tough exercise.

Have fun playing a song...

Jamming to a backing track...

Or playing music with someone else (socially distanced of course lol.)

That’s it!

If you'd like something fun to play, check out Darryl's video below:

I hope these come in handy for you in “times of need…”

What do you do when you’re having your off day?

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