There’s one “trap” you must avoid when learning music.

It’s something I heard a student say when I sat down with them for the first time. And it’s the main reason why they are having a hard time feeling good about their playing.

I don’t know if you’ve fallen victim to this trap before…

… but you’ll want to know about this so that you can avoid it… or get yourself out of it as fast as possible.

(Okay, I sound a little over dramatic right now…)

Here’s what the student said to me after I asked them why they feel like they’re not progressing as fast as they would like when they are learning music…

“I feel like I keep learning too many new things. I keep moving on from one thing to another. I don’t feel confident doing anything on the guitar right now. I have to second guess myself all the time.”

Avoid This “Trap” When Learning Music


Talk about a recipe for not wanting to pick up the guitar and play.

This student is having a hard time enjoying their guitar playing because they’ve fallen victim to the trap of “infotainment.”

They were getting bored of what they were practicing. Which caused them to go out and look for new things all the time.

Now on one hand this can be okay when you're learning music. Looking for something new and exciting can give you the breath of life your practicing needs to keep things fun and exciting. 


This can turn into a dangerous cycle quickly. 

You can end up spending most of your time dancing from one random thing to another. And before you know it, you know about lots of stuff on the guitar… but you don’t feel like you can use any of it.

… and that’s the trap to avoid.

There’s nothing worse than knowing lots of things… but feeling like you still can’t play anything. (I’ve been there for sure.) 

Avoid This “Trap” When Learning Music

So how do you avoid this trap?

Well the best way is to know what you’re working towards first. What do you want to do long term

Then you’ll need to break down that long term dream into smaller action steps. What should you be doing first, second, third, etc…

Finally you need to do the best you can to follow that journey. Whether you have someone guiding you to help you stay on track or you can do this yourself.

For many people, they start out strong… but slowly fade back into looking for new things.

That’s why having a teacher can be so helpful when you're learning music. They can help you get onto the right path for what you should (or shouldn’t be doing.) Then help to keep you there and avoid distractions. Avoid the things that don't need practicing right now. 

Avoid This “Trap” When Learning Music

If you’re unsure with what to do next… consider checking out my lessons.

I (or one of my trained teachers…) sit down with every new student for free. We talk together to find out what you should be doing next. We build a plan for how you can start feeling more confident with your playing… and to start enjoying your playing more.

Obviously we’re not a right fit for everyone.

… and I don’t give out these free sessions to everyone.

If you want to find out if we’re a right fit for each other… you can click below and read more about what we do.

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