One of the ways to develop what we know as "talent" is to help nurture it from a young age. 

When children are young, they have less distractions and more time on our hands than adults. This gives them the opportunity to develop their skills into a talent. 

 If we encourage children with interest in music to start pursuing early enough, they can develop into better musicians and music experts of the future.

Getting children to learn music like learning a language

Kids can be taught how to play the guitar the same way they are taught how to talk.

That's because music is like a language.  

learning music speaking language

How does this relate to playing the guitar?

By helping them to play guitar in a way similar to how we learned to speak.

Listening, playing, communicating and understanding.  

With these key components, they can grow to understand the music language. 

How to make this easy for children?

Children have a different level of comprehension compared to adults, and that's why we can't compare the learning speed of a child cannot be compared to that of a grown-up.

Music theory for children

The musical language/grammar for guitar is called music theory. 

The music theory needs to be simplified in language for kids to understand.

For example, you can teach children songs on the guitar and use a story and graphics to enhance their understanding.

We can also try to deal with challenges kids face using creative ways.

Some of these challenges include guitars with metal strings hurting their fingers and having small hands that struggle hold certain chords because of the fret spacing. Having the right guitar teacher for your child, the right guitar will help your child be able to overcome these things. 

For children younger than 10 years old learning guitar

Steel stringed guitar

For kids especially those younger than ten years old, it may be challenging to hold down the steel strings. 

As most people who play guitar know, holding down the strings especially on acoustic guitar can hurt the fingers and give them hard tips.

children learning to play guitar

That's why a lot of kids will start off a classical guitar with Nylon strings to help them press down on the strings easier. 

Fretboard on the kid's guitar

Another challenge children face is the distance between the frets. Guitar chords like C require one to stretch the fingers across three fret divisions. Children have small fingers making these challenging to them.

kids fretboard guitar

A solution to this teaching kids easier alternatives to standard chords at the beginning and thereafter when their fingers have grown appropriate size, teach them again the standard chords which will be easy as the half chords will have been derived from the standard chords.

This should be something that if your child has a guitar teacher, they should know how to help your child already. 

If you want to find a children's guitar lessons in London, England, then get in touch with us to find out if we are the right people to help your child to learn to play the guitar. 

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