Whenever I'm unsure how to improve my improvising… I ALWAYS do this one simple exercise.

Ever since I found out about this powerful practicing principle… my own improvising gets better year in year out.

I know EXACTLY what to do to feel more confident when I put on a backing track. Or to become more creative and feel like I can express myself.

What is the exercise?

It’s one simple question your ask yourself as you improvise a solo…

“What am I thinking about?”

I do THIS when I want to Play Better Guitar Solos

Look, I know what you might be thinking. "How can that one question do all that? That seems a little much Darryl."

Because it gets right to the heart of EVERY improvising problem…

The only way to improvise better solos is to free your mind. 

You need to get out of your own way when you solo. The more things you can put on autopilot in your brain… the better your solos become.

You see, if you have to “think” about where your scales are… you can’t think about playing good licks.

If you struggle to remember where your arpeggios are… good luck making them sound good in a solo.

That’s why this one question is so powerful.

It reveals EXACTLY what your brain is thinking about right now…

… and that’s what YOU need to practice.

If the answer to the question is - “I’m trying to remember my scale shapes.” Then you should practice your scales more.

If the answer is - “I’m not sure what key I’m in.” Then you need to learn some music theory.

I love this exercise so much.

Obviously what this exercise doesn’t do is to help you solve those challenges. Exactly how should YOU be practicing your scales? How should you be training your music theory?

That’s where a good teacher can come in.

I do THIS when I want to Play Better Guitar Solos

Anyway, that’s all from me today.

Try this exercise out for yourself! You might just be amazed by what your brain is thinking about as you solo.

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