Playing guitar for the first time is exciting, what you might not know how to begin or what to expect. This guide will give you some top tips to help you learn the guitar.

Take Lessons

I would advise that all new guitar students take lessons.

While you can learn with your own instructional materials, you tend to pick up a lot of bad habits. Many beginner guitar students decide that they don't want to take lessons, and their progress suffers.

The reason why it’s useful to take lessons is that your teacher will give you the foundation that you need to be successful.

I learned a lot about guitar from my teacher. Then later on in my musical career, I started teaching the guitar too. I’ve always found that guitar lessons are the best way to learn to play, as you get the foundation you need for success.

Top Tips for First-Time Guitar Students

Practice is Key

“You don't learn a whole lot at your guitar lesson because you don't have much time. Your teacher may show you a song, a couple of chords, or you may go over some music theory. It's up to you to take these concepts home and practice them on your own. Only through a lot of diligent practice can you hope to get better on the instrument.”

This is what you hear from a lot of typical London guitar teachers.

“You won't make much progress if you're only playing at your guitar lesson. When you go to your music lessons, this is where you get the materials that you're going to be practicing when you're not at the lesson.”

They want you to take the time to practice outside lessons. You should aim for a 30-minute session on most days of the week.

For our students, we have a much bigger focus on training and practising in the lesson.

Practising itself is a skill, and it’s something we teach in the lesson, which means that even if you do little practise during the week, you will still get better with guitar lessons at our guitar school.

Play with Others

It’s great to play with other people as soon as you can.  You learn a great deal about music when you play with others. You may first start out playing with just your teacher depending on how your lessons are set up.

If you can get together with other musicians, you should do this as soon as possible.

You will learn about timing, rhythm, and playing songs together. This is a great opportunity to meet other guitar players as well as other musicians that enjoy music as much as you do. And these are skills that are very hard to develop on your own.

Top Tips for First-Time Guitar Students

It’s Not A Race

You should not be intimidated by guitar players that are better than you are. Everyone starts out at the beginning. Some players will learn at a slower pace than others. This is fine, and you should not feel left behind.

There is a lot of pressure in today's society to be good at everything. You cannot rush the process of learning the guitar. If you try to practice too often, you will end up with burnout, or you might get a repetitive stress injury.

You have to allow yourself the time to learn the guitar.

Breaks are Key

You should practice your guitar often, but you also have to take breaks.

You have to recharge your focus on the guitar and give you your hands and wrists a little time off. When you're taking a break from your guitar, do something different that is not related to music.

Or just listen to music, and do some dancing or rhythm.

Top Tips for First-Time Guitar Students


This guide should help you as a beginner guitar player.

Take the time to practice, but don't practice too much. Seek a teacher to help you learn the basics.

Not everyone learns the same, so you have to learn at your own pace. Have fun with the guitar and the musical journey that you're on.

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