5 Ways to Kick Start Your Guitar Playing

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5 Ways to Kick Start Your Guitar Playing

Today we are looking at 5 different ways to kick start your guitar playing.

No matter where you are when you are watching this video – whether it’s January or the middle of July – if you want to give yourself a kick start, or if you are struggling with motivation because you haven’t played and practised guitar in awhile, then this article is for you.

Work Out What you Want to Do With the Guitar

What do I want to do
Are there any particular songs you want to play?
Do you want to play in a band?
Enjoy being able to jam with friends?
Do you want to enjoy improvising on the guitar by yourself?

Once you’ve written down what it is that you want to do, stick it up on the wall next to where you practise and play the guitar. There are so many things you could be working on while practising; this exercise helps you focus on the things that are most important for you to get to where you want to be. You don’t want to end up being an average guitar player – jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none – not really being able to do exactly what you want.

Get Your Practice Environment Set Up

What I mean by this is, you want to minimise the time it takes for you to sit down and start practising guitar. If your guitar is in a case, get it out and put it on a stand. If you have music to practise with, put that on a stand, ready to read. Keep the area clean, and have a pin board – in which you can track your goals, theory charts and anything else you might need – somewhere close by. Make it easy and accessible for you to start playing and practising the guitar.

If your place is a little chaotic, just start with having the guitar out and ready. Don’t make the easy excuse of “this sounds like a lot of work”. Take it one step at a time and aim to make your practise as accessible to you as possible.

living room set up

If you are already quite organised, how can you make your environment even better? Do you have a tuner and capo ready? If you need a footstool, is it already out in the perfect position?

Any extra steps you’re forced to take before you can practise – such as getting the guitar out of the case, then hunting around the house for a tuner – these nuisances all add to the mental block that can discourage you from practising. Reducing this mental block will help you remain motivated to practise, and will save you a load of time too.

Get Some External Forces To Help Motivate You

guitar teacher london

Recall the goals that you previously wrote for the first point. If you know how to reach these yourself, then great! If you are struggling, then get someone to help you. That’s exactly what Guitar Tuition East London do; we find out what you want to do and help you achieve exactly that, and cut out the parts you don’t need to save you a bunch of time.

Other external forces that can help motivate you include being in a band. It might not be the most efficient way to power-up your skills, but you will always benefit from playing in a group with other musicians who share your enthusiasm and can help keep you accountable. This all adds up to helping you play more guitar and going in the right direction. Having positive people in your life who are supportive of you and your playing will help eliminate any mental blocks weighing you down or slowing your progress.

Practise More Than You Play – And Practise Before You Play

playing vs practising

If, when you begin your practise, you find yourself playing the same old stuff again and again, don’t worry. This is a really common situation that a lot of guitarists share. It is also a really big problem. You really aren’t getting better at your guitar if you merely repeat the same songs or exercises over and over again. You need to make sure you are working on things that are challenging you. This will mean making mistakes, and that is a good thing.

You want to keep pushing yourself. You can’t push yourself by just playing the same things over and over again; you’ll never be able to progress far with your guitar. Proper practice involves taking on new challenges.

Now we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t enjoy playing the guitar. You should. Playing guitar is all about having fun. Just make sure you allow yourself dedicated practise time before you let loose and play. By doing this, you resist the temptation to cut your practice short and miss out on any measurable results. If you practise more than you play, you are guaranteed to see much bigger improvements in your guitar playing.

Take The Little Victories


Keep a journal of the little victories that you have. Make a record of what was tough about the things you practised today, and write down the moments that made you feel good.

Finish up with any revelations that you may have. A lot of people waste time because they don’t remember where they left off after their last practise, and then have to practise the same things over before having the same revelations. Keeping a journal will help you remember the progress you’ve made, and help you stay motivated. It can also save you time when it comes to practising the guitar as well.

If you are struggling to motivate yourself and think you need someone to keep you accountable – or you don’t know how to get your guitar playing to sound the way you want it to – then get in touch with us. We are here to help you develop your playing so that you can do the things you really want to on the guitar.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a seasoned pro, we will have you progressing in the fastest, easiest direction while having loads of fun along the way.

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