A lot of guitar players end up quitting after their first lesson. There are several reasons why this occurs. If you plan on taking guitar lessons, here is how you can stay motivated after your first lesson, so you don't end up quitting.

How to Stay Motivated After Your First Guitar Lesson

It Takes Time to Learn

You might feel overwhelmed when you take your first guitar lesson. Everyone goes through this when they are first learning the guitar.

Give yourself time to learn.

Your first lesson will be an introduction to playing the guitar, so you're probably not going to learn a whole lot when you take this first lesson.

Some students get intimidated at their first guitar lesson, but you shouldn't feel this way. Your teacher is there to help you learn and gain confidence on the guitar. Remember to ask questions at your lesson and get to know your teacher too. There is no reason to feel intimidated because it's a process that we all go through. Learning to play guitar is a lot of fun, but you have to give it time.

Not Practicing

The guitar won't play itself. You have to dedicate time in your week to practice. A lot of beginner guitar students don't practice enough, and they don't see progress.

When you don't see the progress that you want, you're more than likely to quit. You should aim to practice at least 30 minutes around three to four times each week.

Try to make an effort to practice as this is what is going to help you learn the guitar in less time.

Don't make excuses when it comes to practicing. This is one of the fundamental things that you have to get used to. You spent time learning other skills in your life, such as riding a bike, working on schoolwork, going to work, and so on.

Learning the guitar is a lot like these tasks. You have to dedicate the time and practice to get better. There are no shortcuts to practicing, so get used to spending time with your guitar.

Learning Things You Don’t like

Some guitar teachers have a set curriculum. This is fine for some players, but a lot of students may become bored if they're playing things they don't like.

For example, some teachers will show you songs that you don't care about at all. These songs might be boring to you.

One thing you can do is to ask your guitar teacher if you can learn songs that you like to listen to. This will give you excitement and something to strive towards.

It's much better learning songs that you like than trying to play songs that you have no interest in.

Your guitar teacher should try to find out what songs you enjoy and pick out the ones most suitable for you, and help you learn these. This gives you something fun to learn which you enjoy.

How to Stay Motivated After Your First Guitar Lesson

A Dedicated Room

Try to have a dedicated room for your guitar practice, as you will have more motivation when you have a private place where you can practice. You can decorate it with posters, inspirational quotes, and other things to make your space personal to you. When you have a place that you can go to concentrate on your guitar, you're more likely to have better practice sessions.

If you don't have a room like this, make sure it's an area in your home where you're not going to be disturbed. Turn off the television, turn off your phone, and concentrate on your music.

How to Stay Motivated After Your First Guitar Lesson

Be Positive

You made an effort to take guitar lessons, so try to be positive after your first lesson. You're embarking on a journey that is going to be fun and rewarding for you. There is no need to be negative, as we all have to start out as a beginner.

Try to maintain a positive attitude. This is going to help you as you learn to play your guitar. Don't allow yourself to get frustrated. If you find that frustration is creeping into your playing, take a small break, and then go back and try again.

A positive mindset is one of the best things you can have, and this goes for anything in your life.

How to Stay Motivated After Your First Guitar Lesson


You may feel intimidated and lack motivation after your first guitar lesson. Just give the process time and effort and it will pay off. Make time for yourself practice regularly and stay positive. Make sure you have a room where you can practice too, to avoid distractions and increase your focus.

The more time you spend with your guitar, practicing in the right way, the faster you're going to progress and learn.

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