My life almost turned out very differently than what it is.

As I’m writing this article, I’m sitting at the guitar school I work at with Darryl.

  • I have an awesome job.
  • I have a great team I get to work with who I consider my closest friends.
  • I get to teach some great, hard working guitar students.
  • I’ve reached quite a high level on guitar. (I don’t say this to brag… but I have achieved more on the guitar than most could ever dream about.)

But there was a time when life wasn’t quite as good.

Around nine years ago, I hit a fork in the road. A life defining decision.

A guitar lesson from Super Mario’s younger brother

I stopped improving on guitar. And I felt like I reached my “full potential.”

Every day I picked the guitar up, it felt like a chore. Like I was forcing myself to play.

It wasn’t fun.

And as I look back now… a lot of my frustration was caused by the absurd stories I told myself.

Stories like:

  • “I’ll never be good enough”
  • “I might as well give up”
  • “It’s too hard”
  • “I’m not as good as them”

When we have these thoughts swimming round in our heads… it’s no wonder why something like guitar becomes so difficult.

Everything inside of us is telling us to stop. To give up. To quit.

Because life would be easier that way. It’s easier to give up than to have to work hard at something.

But when you change these stories… things start to fall into place.

I began to think about things like:

What It Really Means To Be “Talented”

And you can guess what happened next?

I found a new teacher. I decided to do whatever it took to get better. That I’d keep trying over and over. I’d change my approach until something clicked for me.

And it did.

I can’t explain how much that one tiny decision has changed my life.

If I chose to give up I wouldn’t be doing anything musical.

  • I wouldn’t have a job that I love to do everyday
  • I wouldn’t have the great circle of friends
  • I would’ve missed out on all the amazing opportunities. (Such as touring England in a tribute band or doing workshops all over Europe.)

It’s crazy how much can change when you change the stories you tell yourself.

P.S. In case you missed it...

Here’s a highlights video from our latest open mic event we ran at our school.

Many of our students were terrified to go on stage. But a lot of them faced their fears and did it anyway.

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