A student asked me this question this week…

“Darryl, what’s the best book to learn guitar from?”

And I’m sure if you’re reading this article, you’re probably keen to know the answer.

People seem to love books or content on YouTube. And I think there’s a good reason for it…

When you learn from a book (or consume content on the interwebs…) it “feels” like you’re learning.

Your brain is “learning” more and more stuff. It’s gaining more knowledge as you read. You end up in something I call “infotainment.”

What’s that?

It’s where you’re learning something for entertainment sake.

What’s The Best Book To Learn Guitar From?

But here’s the problem… 

For all the reading and watching you do you haven’t improved at all. It’s all an illusion… a mask... a facade.

Because progress on the guitar is NOT all about learning new things.

True progress on the guitar is when you can do something without thinking about it. (Where the skills you’ve been learning just become a natural part of your playing.)

Think of it like tying your shoelaces. When you were younger I bet it took a lot of thought. Now as a grown up adult, it’s a natural part of what you do in your life. It requires zero thinking.

And that’s the goal with the guitar...

Take EVERYTHING that you learn and try to make it as habitual as tying your shoelaces.

So to answer the question - “What’s the best book to learn guitar from?”

There isn’t one.

Some books are great, some are terrible. But before you start reading books to consume content, you need to learn how to make the skills you have second nature.

If you are looking for some content to consume though I have a YouTube channel. There’s not a lot of “beginner” stuff on there…

But if you’re into learning your fretboard, theory, and soloing…

I’ve got some great videos uploaded.

You can learn all about The Magic of Diagonal Arpeggios in the video below...

Or click here for more!

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