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A few articles that I hope will be helpful for you or your child to improve their guitar playing. Our focus is teaching students in person in our guitar school. For more in depth instruction and to get real life feedback to help you guitar playing. I would always recommend seeing finding a guitar teacher in person. 

If you would like more advice about learning the guitar and you are based in London, get in touch with us via the button at the bottom of this page. We offer a free introductory guitar lesson for students  for both adults and children who are keen to improve their guitar playing. 

wrist pain from learning guitar

Are you going to develop wrist pain from guitar playing?

If you have pain in your hand and your wrist when you are playing the guitar, we are going to look at some of the reasons why this might be and how to solve it.

Guitar lessons for kids

How to Motivate Your Child to Practise Guitar

Playing an instrument is very rewarding for both the child and the parent. To see the progress that they make over their guitar playing journey and over a lifetime.

One of the essential elements to make them improve their guitar playing is practising at home. 

For children, it is not normal for them to want to practise, so find out how you can help here. 

jon performing guitar lessons london guitar tuition east london

Are all guitar lessons the same?

It’s a mistake to assume that every guitar teacher offers the same value of lessons just because they teach the same subject. Choosing guitar lessons is not the same as choosing which carton of milk to buy from the grocery store.

Amazing Guitar players in london Polyphia

Polyphia London Gig

Last night a few of the team at Guitar Tuition East London went to see a great band called Polyphia.

They were playing at the O2 Islington and alongside some other amazing musicians. (Nick Johnston and Intervals).

Guitar Lessons East London student performing with Guitar Tuition East London Niksuh

How to play guitar and impress other people

We’ve all been in a situation, even from the very beginning of playing guitar.

Where friends and family will ask us to play something. It can be daunting. Especially in the beginning to know what to do and what to play.

Top 5 Mistakes in Soloing And How To Avoid Them (For Beginners)

Do you want your guitar solos to sound more musical? Playing guitar solos can be intimidating in the beginner,

Here are a few tips to help you to get started. 

Guitar students at guitar Tuition East London

Any suggestions about articles on learning guitar?

If you have something you would like help with with regards to your guitar playing and think it would make a great article, then get in touch with us with your suggestions. 

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